How do I know if I need a confidentiality agreement? How do I go about putting one in place?

A Confidentiality Agreement (also referred to as a "CDA", "NDA" or "Nondisclosure Agreement") protects a party's proprietary or non-public information, and is typically used when parties must disclose such non-public information in order to evaluate a possible relationship with the other party. Industry sponsors will often ask UCSF to sign a CDA as a precursor to a sponsor-initiated clinical trial or a sponsored research project. If the UCSF investigator expects to disclose any confidential information to the industry sponsor, then the Confidentiality Agreement should be set up to protect UCSF and the investigator as well.

Note: UCSF investigators are not authorized to sign any agreements, including CDAs, on behalf of UCSF. In order to initiate a CDA or get one signed, contact us. See our Confidentiality Agreement page for more information.