What are third party rights/obligations?

UCSF may have obligations to third parties whose material is contained or incorporated into UCSF material.  Third party obligations may also exist when a material is made or collected (in the case of biospecimens) under sponsorship terms that restrict its ownership, distribution and use. 

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, third parties may have rights to your material and you should contact OTM for further assistance with your transfer. 

  • Were the materials generated outside of UCSF?
  • Were any components (such as a DNA construct, parental mouse strain, gene insert, etc.) obtained from outside of the providing PI’s lab and do they remain incorporated within the material?  
  • Were any funds (for salaries and materials) from for-profit companies used to support generation or collection of the material?
  • Did any individual involved with the generation of the material have a consulting relationship with a company under which the generation of the material might fall?
  • Were there any other agreements (such as incoming MTAs, sponsored research agreements, CDAs, etc) that may be relevant to the generation of this material?