What is the F&A Policy for Fellowship Awards? What are the differences between a grant and a fellowship?

The Academic Personnel Manual (APM 390-8) defines a Postdoctoral Scholar – Fellow as one who “…has been awarded a fellowship or traineeship for postdoctoral study by an extramural agency and the fellowship or traineeship is paid through a University account.” Most Postdoctoral Scholars receiving a fellowship award will have the Postdoctoral Scholar – Fellow title, as the Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee title is only used “…when (1) the agency funding the salary requires or permits the appointee to be an employee of the University, or (2) whenever General Funds, Opportunity Funds, or other University discretionary funds are used to support the position.” A postdoctoral scholar is appointed through the Graduate Division, and expected to retain that appointment for the duration of the award.

Facilities and administrative (indirect) costs are not assessed on individual fellowship awards. This policy is consistent with the University's facilities and administrative (F&A) agreement with the federal government. The F&A rate agreement excludes stipends and fellowships from the modified total direct cost base upon which F&A costs are assessed.

Should a particular fellowship award include a sum or a percentage of the award for "indirect costs", "overhead", or "institutional allowance" those funds should be considered "institutional allowance" to be used by the department toward the fellow's training costs such as health insurance, travel, supplies, etc. Current policy for these fellowships requires that the OSR Approval Form be signed only by the fellow and the sponsor.  All fellowships should also be coded as “instruction” for the purpose type on the OSR Approval Form.

Note that certain awards are always designated as grants rather than fellowships. These awards include "scholar awards", "investigator awards", and even awards designated by funding agencies as "fellowships" which are made to individuals with advanced faculty appointments, and awards made to individuals who will make a transition from postdoctoral scholar to faculty member during the award period. Because these awards are considered grants, signatures of the Chair (or Dean if applicable) will be required on the C&G Approval Form, the F&A costs, if any, allowed under the particular award will be assessed by the University, and a Waiver of PI Status must be obtained as described under PI Eligibility at UCSF.