Who can sign an “Outgoing” MTA or Data Use Agreement?

Transfers of materials or data from UCSF to an outside organization are known as Outgoing Transfers.

OTM Officers are the only officials authorized to sign:

  • Outgoing MTAs to for-profit companies, and 
  • Non-human, non-profit outgoing MTAs that have negotiated language changes from the pre-approved UCSF or UBMTA templates.  

Principal Investigators may sign Do-It-Yourself Non-Profit Outgoing MTAs for their own non-human material upon the following conditions:

  • The recipient institution is a non-profit academic research institution.
  • The material to be transferred does not include human specimens or data, and was developed in the PI’s lab at UCSF.
  • There are no third party rights to the material, or the third party rights have previously been cleared by the OTM. 
  • The recipient institution has agreed to accept the MTA template language without any changes.