From validating your idea with the market to building a team, creating a business model and exploring financing options, we offer state-of-the-art entrepreneurship courses and workshops through the Entrepreneurship Center.  These experiential courses -- students work on a team to create a business plan while they are learning -- inform how to create a commercializable business in life science/healthcare.  We assume our students have no business background and target the learning to their level.  Courses are offered to students, faculty and staff at UCSF; to the business community; to Berkeley and Stanford communities.  We believe that a diverse group in the classroom enhances the learning experience. 

Experienced members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Silicon Valley teach at our classes and mentor teams.  They are CEOs, members of a company's management, investors, attorneys and consultants.  Our classes are mainly not for credit because we want to serve students who are passionate about the education, not looking for a grade. 

Whether you have an idea you want to explore, are curious about entrepreneurship, already have a company or would like to join a startup team, you will find knowledge and experience in our classes and workshops.

We are a unique resource in the Bay Area, delivering top quality entrepreneurship education with a life science twist.