From validating your idea with the market to creating a business model and exploring financing options, we offer the basics of entrepreneurial business with experiential courses that will inform you about what is needed to commercialize your invention or idea. Courses are taught by business people who have been in the entrepreneurial ecosystem either as an inventor, entrepreneur or industry expert. Teaching is targeted to people without a business background and is tailored to the life science community. Courses may be team based or individual. You will have the opportunity to test your idea with a group of peers, experts and customers; to experience being on a team and working collaboratively on a startup concept; and to access mentors who can share their expertise as applied to your venture. If you don't have an idea, you can join a team that does. Some participants find teammates and the motivation to become entrepreneurs after taking one of our courses. We are a unique resource in the Bay Area, delivering top-tier entrepreneurship education with a life science twist.