2016 Life Science Angels Meet and Greet Luncheon & Mentoring Day (Sep. 29th)

We are pleased that a group of investors from Life Science Angels (LSA), the premier angel investment group focused solely on healthcare investing in all sectors -- medical devices, diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals and digital health -- is coming to UCSF for the fourth time.  Their feedback has been highly valued by teams that participated in the past.  This is an opportunity to understand the angel mindset and to get direction about your venture. 


Life Science Angels Meet and Greet Luncheon. 11:30am-1:00pm. We are starting the LSA Mentoring afternoon with a luncheon where you can join an informal conversation with angel investors about any relevant topic. Some of the past discussions have been what makes a company investable, how advanced your venture should be to angel interest, how angel networks function versus individual angels, the investment process, evaluation and elements of a pitch deck. This candid discussion about angel investing provides the opportunity to understand what you will need to do to be a candidate for angel financing. You can come to the luncheon without signing up for Mentoring Day. Seating is limited so please sign-up early.

Life Science Angels Mentoring Day. 1:15-5:00pm. Experienced angels who are investors and entrepreneurs will give you expert feedback on your business direction and business plan. This is NOT a pitch session, it’s a learning opportunity. You will gain information that would never surface in a formal investor meeting.  Participants in prior years have found the session to be extremely informative and valuable. Sign up here for a 50-minute slot and indicate the sector your venture is participating in so we can match you with sector-appropriate mentors. You can sign up for a session without signing up for the Luncheon. Seating is limited so please sign-up early.