From Pain to Profit: How to Turn your Clinical Insights into Startup Ideas.

Pelu Tran, President, Chief Customer Officer, Cofounder, Augmedix.  Pelu and his cofounder started Augmedix, a digital health company, while Pelu was a Stanford Medical School student. They observed the EHR was getting more physician face time than the patient. Augmedix’s solution was to use technology – Google Glass – to allow physicians to chart remotely and rehumanize the doctor/patient interaction. Investors like the approach:  Augmedix has raised $63MM and five of the biggest US healthcare providers have invested. Hear Pelu’s story about deciding to leave Med School to start a company and Augmedix’ formula for success in the crowded digital health space. Sponsored by Latham & Watkins. Tickets.


Pelu Tran
President, Chief Customer Officer, Cofounder
Pelu is President, Chief Customer Officer, and Co-founder, and sits on the Augmedix Board of Directors. He leads the Sales, Marketing, Product, Design, and US Operations teams at Augmedix. Prior to founding the company, Pelu was a medical student at Stanford and a medical device engineer. Working in his community’s hospitals and clinics, he experienced firsthand the pain of electronic documentation and its impact on patient care and went on leave to found Augmedix four months before receiving