What Do Investors Want?

Frank Torti, MD MBA, Partner, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Patrick Chung, JD MBA, Founding Partner, Xfund

NEA is a top tier venture capital firm that invests in biopharmaceuticals, healthcare services/IT and devices and recently raised a $3 billion fund.  Xfund, cofounded  by former NEA partner Chung, is a $100 million seed and early stage fund affiliated with Harvard and other universities.  Find out what investors are looking for at both stages and whether you’ve got it.



Frank Torti, MD MBA
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
Frank Torti joined NEA in 2007 and focuses on investments in biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare services. He has been actively involved in the firm’s private and public investments in healthcare, including Alimera Sciences, Cadence Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Mallinckrodt plc), Cerecor Inc., CITIC Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Shanghai Pharmaceuticals), Dermira, Galera Therapeutics, Neotract, Novast Pharmaceuticals, Peplin (acquired by LEO Pharma), Rigel, and Solta Medical (
Patrick Chung, JD MBA
Patrick is a founding partner of Xfund. Prior to joining Xfund full-time, Patrick was a partner at NEA and led the firm’s consumer and seed investment practices. He is a director of 23andMe, Curalate, Euclid, MeCommerce, Philo, and Ravel Law, and is actively involved with CrowdMed, IFTTT, Rock Health, and Upworthy. Past investments include Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn), Loopt (acquired by Green Dot), GoodGuide (acquired by Underwriters Laboratories), Xfire (acquired by Viacom), and Xoom (NASDAQ