Jim Kiriakis

(415) 502-1604

Jim Kiriakis

Type of Person: 
Director, Industry Contracts
UCSF Chancellor/EVC/FAS


Jim directs a superb team of Industry Contracts Officers and Budget Analysts who work with principal investigators and sponsors to expedite research and clinical trial collaborations. The team has a diverse background in industry, law, and science. The central theme under Jim’s leadership is a focus on recruiting and developing extraordinary people. Jim’s goal is to motivate excellent performance through delegation of authority with accountability, with a group of people who help each other in a collegial and supportive culture.

Jim is passionate about contemporary management techniques, and the use of objective data collection to improve UCSF’s industry partnerships. He has a unique non-linear experience set, including work in the finance sector, with a software startup, and for a radiology company.

Jim is highly optimistic about the secular fundamentals in medical research, and the rare opportunities afforded by UCSF. He believes the people here, combined with technological leaps and economic reform, will converge toward astonishing improvements in healthcare.