For Researchers

Accelerate your research

ITA supports UCSF scientists and their cutting edge research. We are here to help you make connections with industry, understand the commercial potential of your ideas, and extend the impact of your research by catalyzing the transition of your discoveries from the lab into real-life health benefits.


Commercialize an Invention

See how we work with you throughout the life and development of your invention

UCSF investigators are among the most inventive in the world. The powerful combination of high quality science, an entrepreneurial culture, and strong partnerships between UCSF’s investigators and the ITA’s experienced licensing team has resulted in an impressive track record of commercial successes. We want to engage with you early on – months or years before you have an invention – to help you understand the commercial potential of your research and help guide you in transforming your innovation into a product with palpable health benefits. 

Collaborate with Industry

Industry can be an invaluable partner for researchers. Industry expertise and technical and staffing capabilities can help to quickly propel your innovations from the bench to public benefit. ITA can help along every step of the way, from finding partners, through setting up contracts, to helping manage the relationship as it develops and grows.

Start a Company

Contemplating the start of a new company can be both an exhilarating and daunting experience.

Whether you are just beginning to consider launching an entrepreneurial enterprise or you are at the later stages of development and ready to be acquired or go through an IPO, ITA can help you with any questions you may have.

Through our Entrepreneurship Center, we provide you with resources and expertise you need to launch your venture, and connect you to other people who may be facing the same issues.