License UCSF Technologies


UCSF offers a variety of licenses and agreements to handle the transfer of our technologies to the market place:

+ Exclusive Licenses

Exclusive licenses grant a single external partner the right to commercialize an invention in a particular market segment or “field of use.” Exclusive licenses are typically granted for technologies requiring substantial financial input from a partner to bring the technology to the market and where exclusivity in that market is necessary to recuperate the financial investment, such as a patented therapeutic.

+ Non-exclusive Licenses

Non-exclusive licenses provide multiple external partners the rights to commercialize the same invention. Such licenses are typically granted for research tools, software, screening assays and some diagnostics. Non-exclusive licenses enable maximum public benefit by permitting broad access.

+ Option Agreements

Option agreements provide one or more external partners a specified, limited time to evaluate a technology before entering into a full license agreement.

+ Letters of Intent (LOIs)

LOIs are simple, short-term agreements that enable UCSF to exclusively reserve a technology for an external partner while the parties negotiate the terms of an exclusive license or an option agreement. In return for taking the technology off the market, the external partner pays a fee and, if the technology is protected by patent rights, the partner covers patent expenses for the duration of the LOI.

+ Inter-institutional agreements (IIAs)

IIAs govern UCSF’s relationships with joint intellectual property owners.

+ Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

MTAs govern the transfer of material or data into and out of UCSF.