Market UCSF Technologies

One of our biggest mandates is to make sure your invention gets out and benefits others in the world.


We have a number of strategies to maximize our ability to partner your innovations.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Reviewing, selecting and contacting companies, entrepreneurs, and venture funds whose interests best align with your innovation
  • Working together with UCSF’s News Office to develop public announcements around innovative discoveries
  • Publicizing technology summaries on the ITA website, the UC-wide technology site, and other sites such as iBridge 
  • Uncovering and facilitating opportunities for inventors to present data to potential industry partners

Once we have commercial interest in your innovation, we’ll work hard to help get your technology licensed, obtain a sponsored research agreement or both. We will be mindful of disclosing your inventions thoughtfully so as to preserve confidentiality, both to protect your work and to safeguard any IP rights. Don’t forget to make sure any presentations or discussions of your innovations are under confidentiality, and don’t hesitate to talk to us if you aren’t sure if you need a confidentiality agreement.