Hyderabad: Women to take centre stage

November 27, 2017

HYDERABAD: The Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) - 2017, with its theme of “Women First, Prosperity for All,” will bring female entrepreneurs from across the world to Hyderabad. International delegates and speakers have expressed an interest in understanding Indian culture and the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem through the Summit.

Carla Tanas, a co-founder of Industry Disruptors, a Greek start-up, and the leader of a global initiative to secure the future of food and agriculture, will be one of the panellists at the AgriTech Matters session at the GES. She says that female entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly interested in trying their prospects in India. “India has great opportunities, especially in the area of agriculture and in rural societies. I would love to explore opportunities to bring these efforts to a global scale through our initiative,” she says.  


Leticia Gasca, the founder of The Failure Institute, Mexico, wishes to interact with local entrepreneurs at the Summit. “The GES will involve an amazing exchange of ideas and best practices that will help build more resilient entrepreneurial communities,” she says. 

Ms Gasca says that the difference between women and men lies in the way they handle failure. “We are conducting a study based on the theory that businesses founded by women are less prone to failure. Furthermore, women also recover faster when they experience failure,” she says. She adds that it is important to talk about failure because it is more common than success. 

Stephanie Marrus, the director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at the University Of California - San Francisco (UCSF), is interested in getting an accurate picture of the start-up culture of India. “It is always fascinating to see how countries and cities create start-up work cultures. I have experience in working with Indian Entrepreneurs at USCF, but the GES will be different,” she says. 

Ms Marrus participated in GES-2016, in Silicon Valley. This time around she will be conducting a master class for entrepreneurs on how to pitch their ideas to investors. She says that what impresses investors the most is the teamwork and passion they see in start-ups.

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