Office of Technology Management (OTM) Commercialize an Invention

The powerful combination of high quality science, an entrepreneurial culture, and strong partnerships between UCSF’s investigators and OTM’s experienced licensing team has resulted in an impressive track record of commercial successes. Our team will work with you to evaluate new technologies, guide you on strategies to support commercialization of your idea, and devise a tailored commercialization and IP protection plan.

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"I’ve had a successful, long-standing partnership with the UCSF ITA, going back to the days when we first founded Intellikine. I’ve always found each branch of the ITA professional, efficient and focused on trying to create a good foundation for startup companies. Recently, we've started another spinout, called Wellspring Bioscience, and we look forward to collaborating with the ITA through this new venture."
Troy Wilson, CEO and co-founder, Wellspring Bioscience, and serial entrepreneur


From the lab to products that impact lives: How we evaluate, protect and commercialize your innovations

Grow Your Idea
Do you have a great idea, or great results and wonder if it has commercial potential? More...
Disclose a Technology
If you have an invention or technology that you think is new, exciting and has potential as a commercial product or application, contact us to discuss what to do next. More...
Technology Evaluation
The ITA will work with you to evaluate your technology and devise tailored IP protection and commercialization plans. More...
Market UCSF Technologies
One of our biggest mandates is to make sure your invention gets into the world and benefits the public, so we take marketing seriously. We have a number of strategies to maximize our ability to partner your innovations. More...
License UCSF Technologies
ITA’s expert licensing team negotiates license agreements that allow commercial partners to develop products based on UCSF technologies. Learn more about the various types of agreements that UCSF enters into with companies. More...