Disclose a Technology


If you have an invention or technology that you think is new, exciting and has potential as a commercial product or application, contact us to disclose it to our office.

+ Obligation to Disclose

The State of California wants to ensure that any innovations its employees create are used, if possible, for the public benefit. As a result, you, as a UCSF inventor, have an obligation to report any inventions that arise as a result of your work using UCSF facilities, funds or equipment. You, as an inventor, also stand to benefit from this, whether you choose to let a partner commercialize your invention or choose to start a new company around your technology.

+ Disclose Early to Protect Patent Rights

Talk to us early and often about your ideas. We can guide you on when and how to disclose, to ensure your innovations will be protected and thus positioned to have a social impact. Examples of activities that can invalidate your ability to patent your innovation include:

  • Public Disclosure: A public disclosure occurs when you present or discuss your invention to anyone outside UCSF in enough detail that the audience can understand and replicate your idea or invention. Public disclosures often happen in poster sessions, public talks or presentations, social conversations, Facebook postings, website postings, when an NIH grant proposal is awarded, and of course, in the publication of a manuscript or abstract.

  • Public Use: Public use constitutes making your invention accessible to the public in any way that does not represent experimental use. An example of public use is the use of a pharmaceutical therapy or medical device to treat a patient in a clinical setting that is not tied to a research study.

  • Offer for Sale: An offer for sale happens when the invention is offered to a buyer in exchange for compensation or the promise of compensation.

If you will be discussing your invention with an outside party, such as a company or individual, and want to prevent that discussion from becoming a public disclosure, contact us to put in place a confidentiality agreement.

+ How to Disclose Your Technology

To disclose a technology, UCSF inventors need to fill out and submit one of the three disclosure forms listed below to ITA. Select the disclosure form that is best suited for your technology. If you are uncertain which form to use or need help completing one, just reach out to us – we are happy to assist you. Be sure to sign your disclosure form before submitting it to our office!

Forms may be submitted using any of the following:

Email attachment as a scanned PDF to innovation@ucsf.edu

Fax to 415.502.1661

Campus mail to Box 1209

Technology Disclosure Forms

+ Research Tool Disclosure Form

Use this form for physical materials that will primarily be used for scientific research such as: a cell line, transgenic model, expression vector or research-use only antibody. These research tools are often also called “Tangible Research Property”.

 UCSF Research Tool Disclosure Form.doc

+ Software and Copyright Disclosure Form

Use this form for any software, mobile apps or other copyrightable material such as surveys or questionnaires.

 UCSF Software Disclosure Form.doc

+ Income Distribution for Software and Apps

The Policy and Plan Options for Software and Apps Income Distribution document outlines the different plans for distributing income received from licensing unpatented sofware and apps. 

 Policy and Plan Options for Software_and_Apps_Income Distribution.pdf

If the developers of an unpatented software or apps would like to allocate the income differently than the default case, then all of the developers will need to complete the appropiate Income Distribution and Development Form:

+ Invention Disclosure Form

Use this form for all other kinds of inventions not listed above, including: diagnostics, therapeutics, medical and mechanical devices, methods of use, manufacturing processes, laboratory instruments and equipment, and other products.

UCSF Invention Disclosure Form.doc

+ Invention Income Distribution Forms

Use this form if you have two or more inventors and all the inventors agree amongst themselves to an income distribution that is different from that described in the UC Patent Policy. This form must be signed by all inventors and sent to ITA. 

UCSF Income Distribution Form.doc

+ What Happens After You Submit Your Disclosure Form

After submitting a disclosure form, you will receive a notification email with the case number, name and contact information for the ITA Licensing Expert assigned to your disclosure. He/she will contact the inventors to discuss the technology's details and potential commercialization opportunities. The information you submit in your invention disclosure will be kept confidential. Note that an invention disclosure form by itself does not constitute a patent or patent application; it is a solely a record of your invention for UCSF’s internal use.