Work With Companies

ITA can help you find, build and maintain the relationships you need to propel your research forward.


UCSF has a solid track record of productive partnerships with industry that have led to innovative therapies, materials and devices. There are many ways to work with Industry, ranging from exchanging materials, becoming involved in joint scientific and clinical collaborations, to financial support of clinical trials and basic research.

Here are some details on ways to engage with an industry partner and how ITA can help get you started:

Industry Sponsored Research & Collaborations
Working with industry can either be funded research involving agreed upon UCSF research deliverables, or collaborative research where industry and UCSF investigators work together on joint research goals. More... 
Industry Funded Clinical Trial
Whether you have developed a clinical protocol yourself (Investigator-initiated) or your protocol was designed by an industry sponsor (Sponsor-initiated), ITA can help you get your study started. More...
Confidentiality Agreements
Confidentiality agreements are used to protect non-public information and allows UCSF researchers and companies to discuss interesting new findings without compromising future patentability or ability to publish. More...
Consulting Agreements
UCSF scientists possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in areas that companies would love to access. ITA can help you understand what obligations and conflicts you may have under specific consulting arrangements. More...
Visiting Scientist Agreements
Visiting Scientist Agreements are agreements between UCSF and companies that send representatives to UCSF to conduct research. The agreement is intended to prevent conflicting obligations for the visiting scientist, and to ensure that UCSF benefits from research using UCSF facilities and funds. 
Industry Fellowships
Fellowships from companies allow for student and/or post-doctoral support. A fellowship differs from sponsored research funding in that fellowship funds must be provided with no obligation to provide data or intellectual property back to the industry sponsor.